How to make children's makeup 7 steps for children's makeup

2019-08-27 21:48
Children's makeup doesn't have to be too complicated, just give them a little color to decorate. The kind of ugly face that painted the whole face is red, and now the makeup is pursuing nature, and children's makeup is also.
1, tie up the hair, base emollient
After washing your face, tie the child's hair so that the entire forehead and face are not covered with hair (girls), boys can omit this step. After washing your face, apply a child's moisturizer to protect your skin and moisturize.
2, on the foundation
If you are using a liquid foundation, squeeze 1~2mL, place it on the forehead, gang, chin, nose, etc., evenly. If it is a powder cake, use a puff or a whitewash and apply evenly. Of course, children's skin is generally very good, if there is no liquid foundation or powder, you can omit this step.
3, modify the eyebrows
Children's eyebrows are very sparse, so be appropriate to modify, but not excessive (do not shave and other modifications), use rough painting, not too thick, the left and right should be shorter, not too long.
4, draw eye shadow
The color of the eyeshadow should be determined according to the children's costumes (usually available in purple, not in smoked), and can be painted slightly thicker. The eyeliner can draw exaggerated points, the eye corners are picked upwards, the boundaries are slightly blurred, not too hard and too sharp, it is best to add gold powder to enhance the eyes.
Tips: At this point, let the child close his eyes gently, don't be nervous. Many children are dead and closed at this time, their eyelids are wrinkled together, and they can't paint at all. So before you get on the eyeshadow, you need to relax and talk about other things to divert your attention. Then use the eye shadow brush to apply one of the colors and brush the upper eyelid of the child.
When you apply eye shadow, you need to wipe it evenly. The area of ​​the brush can be scanned according to the eye shape of different people. It can scan a large range or reduce it. It doesn't matter. But it's better to just brush one color, and the color is too complicated.
5, Tu Yuhong
The blush can be a little thicker and exaggerated. It is best to apply it to the highest point of the cheekbones. Choose a glossy blush, which makes it easier to highlight the child's aura. The more mature technique of blushing is to let the children smile, then quickly use the blush brush to sweep the blush at the position where the face is raised when laughing, and then brush it evenly with a blush.
6, lips
The color of the lipstick or lip gloss should be bright. Pink lip gloss is more suitable for innocent and lovely children. This can set off the children's aura. At the same time, pay attention to the contour of the lip should not be painted. Lips can't be too thick, lipstick should be thin!
7, design hairstyle
After the basic makeup is completed, the design and handling of the hair is also very important, which will affect the overall effect of the makeup. In general, girls' hair can be decorated with some bright rubber bands and small ornaments (sequins). Boys can apply hair gels.
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