Children's cosmetics purchase method and how to use it

2019-08-27 11:56
Improper use of cosmetics can cause eye shadow in children, skin problems, see news recently in the city center hospital to see a few cases of skin allergies. The doctor asked in detail that these children were dressed up with foundations, concealer, eye shadow and other cosmetics during their eleventh period with their parents. All, mothers must remember that children can not be used indiscriminately, and children should be given regular child cosmetics.
        In recent years, children's cosmetics have been developed from the beginning of the toilet water, talcum powder, and now have developed mascara, arm guard oil, shower gel, cleansing cream, lotion and other products.
First, children's cosmetics purchase method
        Because the skin physiology of children and adults is not the same, the stratum corneum is relatively thin. The consultant reminded that some products are more irritating to children's skin and have a greater allergic reaction. Therefore, parents can't care about the purchase and use of children's cosmetics, let alone the "three no" products that are cheap, and give children a mess of powder.
Second, children's cosmetics use tips
        Buying children's cosmetics is good enough to buy products from high-strength manufacturers in big shopping malls or supermarkets. Bottled cosmetics require the bottle to be complete, smooth, straight, with no visible cracks or scars. Paste cream should be even and delicate, without oil or water separation or delamination.
        Children's cosmetics products should have the name of the factory, the site, the amount of purification, the certificate of conformity, the shelf life, the date of production, and the production license number. Health permit number and safety warnings that may cause allergies or other adverse reactions to the user. Imported cosmetics should have the name of the country of origin (or region) and the name and address of the distributor, importer or manufacturer.

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