What are the makeup processes?

2019-08-27 11:54
(1) First, let's learn the makeup steps first. Only by clarifying the order can we achieve the best results. The general makeup steps are: cleansing - lotion - lotion - isolation (this four steps for makeup before skin care) BB cream (liquid foundation) - concealer - loose powder - thrush - eye shadow - eyeliner - mascara (false eyelashes) - Blush - lip
(2) What cosmetics are needed to learn makeup:
1, basic skin care (washing lotion, lotion, lotion, isolation, etc.. A good foundation is easier to apply.)
2, foundation (BB cream or liquid foundation) 3, loose powder (if you compare oil, it is best to have a, you can make makeup to make the makeup last longer)
4, concealer (if dark circles, pock marks are more obvious, you can consider one, used in the local)
5, blush (can make the skin more rosy)
6, mascara (curl eyelashes, and ultimately)
7, eyeliner, eyeliner pen, eyeliner (three choices can be, novices recommend eyeliner)
8, eye shadow (recommended to use the earth color, choose a different color with your own)
9, eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder (painted with eyebrows, it is recommended to use brown, silver gray, black)
10, lip gloss or lipstick (lips are colored, lipstick is no color, choose your own)
11, a variety of makeup brushes (makeup brush can help us create a more refined makeup, makeup essentials.)
12, remover makeup (this is a must, choose different makeup remover products according to needs) Others such as repairing high light, according to the makeup you want to create to increase, in general, these are enough!
Facial makeup modification methods and techniques:
1. Eyebrow modification Eyebrow repair eyebrows are the use of eyebrows to remove excess eyebrows, making the eyebrow lines clear, tidy and smooth, laying a good foundation for the thrush.
2. Nasal modification (1) Select the appropriate shadow color according to the makeup type. (2) Apply the shadow color on both sides of the snot, and apply it downward from the outside of the nose. The color gradually becomes lighter and disappears until the tip of the nose. (3) Wipe the color on the snot and the tip of the nose and smudge it. (4) Note: The shadow color and the bright color should be connected naturally, so that the concave and convex feeling is obvious but the transition is soft. The nose color is coordinated with the color of the makeup. The nasal silhouette should be symmetrical. The bright color on the bridge of the nose should be moderate.
3. Lip modification
(1) Cover the lips with a foundation cream, compact with honey powder, and then use lip balm to care for the lips.
(2) Sketch the lip contour with a lip liner or a lip pencil that is cut into a duckbill shape.
(3) Apply a suitable color lipstick to the middle of the lip with a lip pencil, and apply it from the outside to the inside. Or use a lip pencil to apply the lip from the center r to the upper lip to the upper lip, and the lower lip to the lip to the opposite sides. Both methods can be applied.
(4) Use a paper towel to remove the light from the lip surface, and then apply the lipstick again to keep the color for a long time. Apply varnish to the fullest part of the lipstick when applying makeup to make your lips look full and your lips are three-dimensional.
2 considerations
(1) The outlined lip shape should conform to the shape of the face and personality.
(2) The color of the lipstick to be used should be coordinated with the color of the eyeshadow, the color of the blush, and the color of the clothing.
(3) The outline should be clear to avoid ambiguity.
4. Cheek modification
(1) Use a make-up brush to rub a little of the appropriate color of the rouge on the back of the hand to avoid too much concentration.
(2) Apply the split rouge to the edge of the humerus.
(3) smudge up and down according to the needs of the face shape.
(1) In the process of blooming, a little rouge should be smudged around, then stunned again. Do not use too much at one time to avoid excessive chroma and color block accumulation.
(2) The blushing of the blush should be deep in the center, and the surrounding is getting lighter and natural.

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