Makeup notes

2019-08-27 11:48
The concept of makeup: through cosmetics, tools, technology, to modify, beautify the appearance of people, to achieve personal pursuit of beauty, adapt to a special occasion of a technology. For example, a lot of actors, stars, and professionals want to have a good development, and it is sure to have makeup. This is not only a kind of respect for others, but also a respect for themselves. No comparison, no harm...
Through the pictures, we can see that the flower makeup can not only make you ten years younger, but also make you look more temperament and charm. There are only lazy women in the world who don't have ugly girls, so girls must make up. The meaning of make-up: Make-up is first of all a positive attitude towards life and a expression of love for life. From the perspective of public etiquette, it is also the performance of respecting others. One of the first principles to follow in makeup is to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses. When you face a model. You have to remember no matter what technique or technique you use. In general, you only have to do these four words. "A good makeup artist should first have a keen eye for observation. You must be able to discover the strengths and potentials of each person's own conditions, and then develop their strengths to make them close to perfection. When you enlarge his own advantages, the weaknesses are weakened. You will find that your makeup is a success. The highest level of makeup is nature - when you finish a makeup, you don't think you use color, but people are beautiful and beautiful. Measure a good makeup. The standard is not to say how detailed your eyebrows are, how many roots, how big your eyelids are, but to paint a feeling of makeup without makeup. When you finish a makeup person say If your eyebrows are so beautiful, you will fail. After you have finished painting an eyebrow, you will feel that your eyebrows are not drawn, but that he has grown up, and you will succeed.
Looking back at the previous makeup, I will find the makeup of the actors. It looked pretty at the time, and now it seems a bit strange. Because it is advancing with the times with the development of our social economy and culture, the improvement of civilization and the change of world fashion. In general, the makeup is weakened by the thick.

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